My photographs capture their moment of creation—that period of interaction between the subject and myself.  The viewer benefits from that experience, but can never fully share in it because it has been transformed by the time that has passed since the shutter fired and by my interpretation of the events that transpired then.


My images are the result of recent and long-past experiences with the actual subject, but usually with the subject as surrogate for someone or something else, long gone, dead, or that never actually existed.  I tend to know the current subject well, preferring that to working with random, detached strangers.  They are people or settings in my immediate life, or acquaintances, but not usually people with whom I share my most intimate relations.


My training includes a Bachelor of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, and numerous and varied mentors since, both in and outside of that institution.  People in the San Francisco Bay Area with whom I have studied most recently include Frank Espada and Tom Ferentz.